A selection of photos from the Museum collection.  These photos are all available for sale.

86.17.2 dbp28 pc king street riverbank c.1927
86.32.1 dbp178 west novies bw
86.36.2 dbp116 log booms on river
88.1.25 dbp14 pc new post office 1909
88.1.35 dbp28 pc king st. looking north c.1914
88.14.4 dbp9 taylor drug 2 clerks 1909
88.14.13 dbp27 parade c.1905
89.13x.4.2 dbp27 ss ex with ferris wheel 1926
89.13x.5 dbp118 whitman grist mill
89.13x.11.2 dbp27 circus cross bridge tents
91.5.7 dbp8 pc arch on bridge welcome 1955
92.16.46 dbp27 good rulers arch 1900
92.16.87 dbp112 dublin boarding house operators 1905
93.25.2 dbp18 pc dawson hospital c.1920
95.4.9 dbp3b davison house
95.4.14 dbp17 old fire engine on wharf
95.27.1 dbp278 os lahave river trusty 1905
95.27.2 dbp278 os bw lahave river steamer 1905
97.39.20 dbp285 pc train station with oxen c1900
98.6.21 dbp29 fire stn pleasant 3 trucks