A selection of photos from the Museum collection.  These photos are all available for sale.

2010.2.1 dbp28 king street c.1910
2010.16.2 dbp6 bank of commerce c.1920
2011.13.1 dbp117 pc blacksmith shop veinot wagon factory c.1883
2011.13.2 dbp117 pc blacksmith shop c.1883
2011.24.3a dbp278 view of lahave river c.1920
m.179 dbp283 schooner mary mildred
m.187 dbp116 lumber camp with sleighs c1890
m.236 dbp283 schooners on river c1910
m.339 dbp283 three masted schooners at wharf
u003 dbp283 large ships anchored
u050 dbp284 leary yard dayspring c.1880 os
u055 dbp278 townview cropped
u069a dbp28 panoramic 1930
u134 dbp279 nether holme at railway
u197 dbp283 schooner at miller wharf c1875