Earth & Sky

Eva and Evelyne are two artists who, in this work, celebrate nature’s most primal forms – the raw components of our planet: air and stone. They see their beauty. Life on earth relies upon this foundation, but is fragile in contrast to the permanence of these elemental materials.

Evelyne’s spare and austere mixed media prints convey a vastness, devoid of humanity and life. Their beauty lies in the contemplation of substance against the emptiness of space.

Eva’s colourful juxtapositions of sky and rock show the various temperaments of weather and the beauty of layers of stone sculpted by time.

Imagining the world shown here without people or other living creatures, the question arises: without us to perceive it, is beauty inherent in the environment, or does is exists only in the eye of the beholder?

Show runs from August 5th to September 29th.

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