Exhibit: The Creative & Wild Side of Nature by Lynn Fergusson

I am a multi-genre photographer from Dartmouth NS who loves to be outdoors which is where the majority of my photography takes place. My main focus has been nature photography, both wildlife and landscape but I was introduced to ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) a few years ago and love the freedom and creativity that it brings.

This exhibition is a combination of a few of my favourite ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and Wildlife Images. All of these images showcase various sides of nature.

The ICM technique allows the freedom to create images that explore our artistic side and to see the world differently by changing the way reality looks. Both wildlife and ICM photography explores nature as it exists today and can result in powerful images that evoke an emotional response.

I have had photographs published in various magazines including BBC Wildlife Magazine, Saltscapes, Our Canada, The ICMPhotography Magazine and was included in both the Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Photography 2021 & 2022 editions. My photos have won or have been recognized in a variety of local and international photo competitions.

-Lynn Fergusson, photographer

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