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Wonders … Art Inspired by Nature

Astrid Pickens & Gary D. Selig,

DesBrisay Museum presents the fiber sculptures, and watercolour & acrylic paintings of artists Astrid Pickens & Gary D. Selig.

The show will be open from Monday, November 16 to Friday December 20. Thursday, November 26 the museum will have extended hours from 12-6pm for a meet and greet with the artists.

Artists Statement- Wonders Exhibition- 2020: How are we seen by other “natural life”? Are we being watched? observed? contemplated?

An established artist-colleague once told me: “Gary… you have the ability to paint anything you want.” So then… What shall I paint?
Answering that question has always been a challenge for me for, it is not “things” that I should paint but rather “relationships” which I explore through my art.

The reason I paint is so that I might again see, for the very first time, all those textures and nuances in the world around me which I had missed in more than six decades of “living”.

My work considers the perspectives of both you, the viewer, and the relationships between the paintings subjects.

In “State of Uncertainty”, a white light from above pierces the scene, caught by blades of a grassy field and then receding into distant shadows. The owl is back-lit and, along with the post on which it has perched, bears a glowing corona. The colours of the magnificent raptor are muted by the shadows, but it’s grandeur is not betrayed.

In this acrylic, a prominent object is a fence post- the only thing standing between a predator and it’s prey. The predator, in this case a Barn Owl, has it’s gaze locked onto a spot in the grass below - an obviously disturbed mouse whose own gaze has met yours.

What will the viewer do with this predicament? Should the story be allowed to play out to it’s end- perhaps the mouse will emerge unscathed. Nature might otherwise enable the owl to continue it’s role in her indiscriminate balancing act.

This collection of my work, for the most part, takes off from where my daughter’s creations have moved me. The images are places from my imagination that I’m sure I’ve been before or that I want to encounter. These experiences are shared with you through my art.


Linda Hall, The Horses of Sable Island

The DesBrisay Museum and the Bridgewater Photo Club present the photographs of Linda Hall.

Hall1The show will be open from Monday, October 5 through to the end of November.

Linda Hall is an avid photographer and horse enthusiast. Linda was recently able to combine her two passions during a trip to Sable Island.  Sable Island is a photographer’s paradise, offering photo opportunities of the wild, yet beautiful island, and several bands of wild and rugged horses. Linda’s focus was on the horses, capturing quiet moments as the horses wandered the dunes grazing and preparing for the coming winter. Sitting quietly with the horses allowed for several intimate photo opportunities, including curious foals who watched Linda as much as she watched them. Through Linda’s photography you will have an opportunity to “visit” the truly beautiful and magnificent wild horses.


Wile Carding Mill Museum, Old Pleasant River Road

Old Pleasant River Road, featuring the history of the Wile Carding Mill, the Waterman's Tannery, and other industries were once part of the business district known as Sebastopol on Victoria Rd from the mid 1800 to mid 1900’s. The exhibit is on display at the DesBrisay Museum.  

The Wile Carding Mill will remain open to visitors Monday to Friday; 12-4pm until September 30th. To book your tour please call 902-543-8233. Check out their “Know before you go” guide to help prepare you for your visit.


Oral Histories of the Wile Carding Mill

Wile Sebastopol 1Visit the Wile Carding Mill Website and listen to a collection of 20 digitally preserved cassette recordings from the early 1980’s.

Go back in time and hear stories of the Wile Carding Mill’s history through the voices of Gardner Corkum, Bradford Reeves, and William Reeves. These men spent time at the Mill in their younger years and they share details about the Wile Men who operated the mill; Dean, Otto and Vernon, the young women who worked there, and the day to day running of the mill.


Clickity-Clack Knitting Group

Tuesday and Friday from 10am -12pm at the DesBrisay Museum

Calling all knitters and crocheters, experienced or learning. Instruction for beginners and socialization for the more experienced knitters. Some supplies are available and lots of patterns for beginners. Join us for a relaxing morning of knitting/crocheting and chatting, $10 for the season.


Watercolour Painting Social Group

Monday from 10am to 12pm at the DesBrisay Museum

Bring your painting supplies to work on your project. This is a social outing where participants will share ideas and water colour skills and techniques, $10 for the season.